Which music players does Share Tunes support?
Share Tunes supports iTunes, Spotify, Vox, Ecoute, Sonora, Radium 3 and Radiant.
Is Share Tunes able to share the actual music file?
No! That would be illegal.
Which networks does Share Tunes support?
Share Tunes has extended support for Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo & Tumblr. This means you can configure these networks as Quick Actions and activate Auto Share for them (except Facebook).

Basically, Share Tunes is compatible with all apps on your Mac that provide a share extension. You can manage those in System Settings > Extenions > Share Menu.
How to set up Auto Share?
Navigate to the Networks tab in Share Tunes' preferences and select the network you want to enable Auto Share for. On the right side you can activate Auto Share and select the account which will be used with Auto Share.

Tumblr users: If you have multiple blogs, Share Tunes will display them as multiple accounts in this format: "username: blog"
Why doesn't Auto Share work with Facebook?
Due to Facebook's guidelines, Share Tunes cannot post to your timeline automatically.
Why does Share Tunes need access to my accounts?
First of all, access to your accounts in required for Auto Share to work. Share Tunes also allows you to conveniently manage your accounts without manually navigating through your system settings.
Can I copy my message template from Share Tunes 1?
No. Share Tunes 2 doesn't have the same placeholders, so your old template won't work.
How do updates work?
If you purchased Share Tunes on the Mac App Store, you have to update it over the Mac App Store. If you purchased Share Tunes on Paddle you can update it right in the app. Just select "Check for Updates..." in the menu, or let Share Tunes check automatically (see "Updates" in the preferences).
Where can I buy Share Tunes?
You can buy Share Tunes on the Mac App Store or on Paddle.
Can I test Share Tunes before buying it?
Sure! You can download a trial version of Share Tunes here.
What can I do with the trial version?
The trial version is identical to the full version, except that the trial version expires after 7 days. After expiration, you can purchase a license right in the app or download the Mac App Store version.
Why is Share Tunes 2 a paid upgrade?
Version 2 isn't a simple update but has been rebuilt from the ground up. It has far more features and is optimized for the latest versions of OS X. Also keep in mind that version 1 received free updates for 3 years.